Mission Winnow special event in Monaco GP

The Grand Prix of Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix marks one of the most prestigious stops on the Formula 1 schedule. Find out how Mission Winnow celebrated this event in style.

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Mission Winnow special event in Monaco GP
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The Grand Prix of Monaco has been a staple in the Formula 1 calendar since the beginning, and has since gained the reputation of being one of the most important and prestigious Grands Prix of the season. Mixed with the glamorous, seaside location, Monaco is always a special event for both teams and fans alike.

In many ways, the Grand Prix of Monaco is a Grand Prix of discovery. 

Being at roughly a third of the way into the season, it’s a race where we can start understanding which teams and drivers will be fighting for the title when the season draws to a close.

Monaco also attracts many celebrities important people from all walks of life and from different backgrounds, who take this race as an opportunity to discover more about the sport, the hard work and dedication behind it, and connect with new people.

It’s only fitting that we at Mission Winnow themed our special event here around discovery; understanding our mission, sharing our work and showing how we are making progress.


Taking place on a boat in the marina of Monaco, guests from different industries and with different professions were invited to spend a weekend discovering Mission Winnow and the world of Ferrari closer than ever bef

Featuring special appearances and presentations from Scuderia Ferrari and their drivers, our guests were able to meet the team and discover what it means to run the most successful team in Formula 1 history.

Guests would also have the opportunity to attend a special talk with popular American talk show host Andy Cohen, entitled “Real or Fake?”. In this discussion, Andy Cohen would give his opinions on what makes discussions and people real compared to superficial or straight-up fake. This would be followed up by a special panel featuring four PMI employees who talked about Mission Winnow, why it’s important to us and how it all relates to PMI’s journey towards progress and improvement.

Being at the Monaco GP, guests also had the opportunity to enjoy the track action from our lounge; situated right above the Ferrari pits and a lucky few were given the opportunity to jump in a Ferrari road car for a “Hot Lap” around the circuit of Monaco – driven by a professional Ferrari driver.

The weekend featured plenty of other unique moments, such as shows from Wyclef Jean and Robbie Williams, tasting Massimo Bottura’s world-renowned tortellini and being able to have a conversation with members of the Ferrari team.

It was truly a weekend true to the spectacle and uniqueness of Monaco – Mission Winnow style!


The Grand Prix of Monaco

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