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Discover the stories that have inspired our team and driven discussions beyond the areas of impact and expertise of PMI.

In a few months the world had rapidly changed. Now we have an opportunity to use this moment and to reimagine the world we live in forever. Powering transformation through bold thinking, big ideas and brave action.
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Daniel Platzman on Dominant Ones

“It’s all about taking your raw talent and refining it” – Daniel Platzman

Dominique and Daniel discuss how Daniel discovered his passion for music and the drums, his first experiences in a band.

Jesse Itzler on Dominant Ones

“I look at things in moments, not years” – Jesse Itzler

Dominique and Jesse talk about breaking into the hip hop industry, and the challenges of being an entrepreneur

Ronnie Jordan on Dominant Ones

“The butterflies get you ready” – Ronnie Jordan

The Dominant Ones, a new web-series. Dominique Wilkins interviews Ronnie Jordan, comedian, writer and producer.

Roslyn Gold-Onwude on Dominant Ones

“Be yourself, trust your instincts, trust your judgement” – Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

The Dominant Ones, a new web-series Dominique Wilkins interviews Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, athlete, analyst and entrepreneur.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Trey Daniels

“People seek instant gratification, and that’s not life” – Trey Daniels

Dominique and Trey Daniels chat about the importance of patience and perseverance when faced with challenges.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Lecrae Moore

“Dominance is when you are competing against yourself” – Lecrae Moore

Lecrae discusses what it’s like to be a Christian rapper.

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Inspired by Wildlife Corridors
Discover wildlife conservation design and the importance of wildlife corridors for protecting animals.
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