Our progress is powered by our people

Our progress is powered by our people



Mission Winnow is about progress. And for PMI progress starts with people. They make us who we are, and their diversity, ingenuity and brilliance are our strongest asset. This is which is why we developed the PMI Postdoctoral Program.

The program

The two-year program gives candidates the opportunity to work on transformative and innovative projects that can have a direct impact on our groundbreaking scientific research. Candidates are also given the chance to publish the outcomes of their research in respected scientific publications, as well as getting opportunities to attend major research conferences. We welcome scientists from a wide variety of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, aerosol science and statistics. The program takes our transformation further with the research, development and growth of the people who make us who we are.


Esther Afolalu, a Postdoctoral candidate, said ‘I was motivated to be involved in such a big and bold transformation. I work within a brilliant team here at PMI and working in such an innovative environment has given me the space and freedom to find my own direction on my projects and the opportunity to establish myself as an early-career researcher.’

Like the other members of the program, Esther completed her doctorate and then joined PMI to be part of our growth and development. Candidates can use the opportunity to further their own field of research, or to discover and research a different area of science they find particularly interesting. There are a range of different projects that postdoctoral fellows can become involved in, offering a wide variety of ways for members of the program to change the world, their way.


Transforming PMI

PMI is within a pivotal moment. The progress we’re making is a collaborative effort, one that requires innovation, creativity and some of the finest scientific minds in the world. This improvement and growth isn’t just what’s best for us; it’s what helps us make a positive impact on society. Sometimes the progress we’re undertaking can take a matter of seconds, and sometimes it can take years, or even decades. Mission Winnow is about being proud of our progress and our transformation. Science plays a large part in the transformation and that is why our Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is so significant: it gives an incredible opportunity to brilliant scientific minds to grow, while simultaneously allowing us to ensure our science is progressive and our ideas are forward-thinking.  

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