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Our Partnerships

Rooted in shared values

Our partnerships with Scuderia Ferrari and Ducati Corse are an integral part of the Mission Winnow story. Both teams are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the demands of two of the fastest-paced sports ever conceived, and the speed increases with each passing year.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 car
Scuderia Ferrari

A story of continual reinvention

The most successful team in Formula 1 History, constantly winnowing and innovating.

Carlos Sainz on Facing Change
Scuderia Ferrari
Carlos Sainz on Facing Change
Carlos Sainz walks us through how he handles change
Behind Mission Winnow’s New Green Look
Behind Mission Winnow’s New Green Look
Constantly evolving and never backing down from the challenge of change, we are now celebrating a new stage in our continuous development by adding a new color to our logo.
Header large Ferrari 01
Defying Convention
What does Scuderia Ferrari mean to you?
The most successful F1 constructor of all-time
Ducati Corse

Over 70 years of sophistication and resilience

A team, with unparalleled drive, working fast and creatively to develop new designs and technology for better motorbikes.

Passion, sophistication and style personify Ducati.
Defying Convention
Ducati and their passion for the unique
How Ducati turns a passion for the unique into a winning formula with desmodromic valves
Header large Ducati 03
Defying Convention
How Ducati harnesses the power of its people
The perfect combination of man and machine
Dominant ones
The Dominant Ones

A show that explores the pursuit of excellence through being dominant hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins.

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Amir Arison on Dominant Ones
“It’s those setbacks that help you get to this point” – Amir Arison
Dominique and Amir Arison talk about acting, the importance of support from your family and overcoming setbacks.
Dominique Wilkins Interviews Angel McCoughtry
Dominique Wilkins Interviews Angel McCoughtry
Difficulties of being a female athlete and achieving your dreams.