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Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow: A transformative partnership

The best car is the next one

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Mission Winnow is about how we are transforming as a company, what we believe in and the way we work to enable current and future progress. Scuderia Ferrari is the ideal partner for Mission Winnow because of the team’s passion for innovation and drive to constantly improve in the quest for victory,” says Miroslaw Zielinski, President of Science & Innovation at PMI.

Enzo Ferrari liked to say that his favourite Ferrari was the next one. The man who founded the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, and the Ferrari production car business that followed, had a ceaseless desire to devise and build the best. Today, Scuderia Ferrari continues that quest for excellence, just as Mission Winnow showcases PMI’s commitment to scientific and technological advances that will continue to transform our company and our industry.

With so much in common, then, the partnership of Scuderia Ferrari and Mission Winnow makes perfect sense. Both parties show the ‘winnowing spirit’ in how they search for cutting-edge solutions. Advances come only through rigorous analysis and dedication to innovative working methods.

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    PMI and Ferrari have worked together for 46 years, but the Mission Winnow initiative marks the closest connection yet between the two. It was announced at the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka in October 2018, where Mission Winnow appeared on Ferrari livery for the first time.

    “Mission Winnow encapsulates our commitment to strive for better in everything we do. To winnow, or to discard old approaches, is what we at PMI are doing – we take learnings from past mistakes to shape our future” says André Calantzopoulos, Chief Executive Officer of PMI.

    Ever since Scuderia Ferrari’s first racing cars in 1929, the company has striven for better – and consistently achieved it. Scuderia Ferrari is the most successful constructor in Formula One history, with 16 Constructor and 15 Drivers Titles. Alongside that unmatched achievement is a parallel history of winnowing and technical innovation. F1’s regulations push engineers and designers to pursue ambitious ideas and gain an edge over rivals wherever and however the rules allow. In 1958, Ferrari’s F1 cars were the first to use disc brakes. Sixty years later, in 2018, the team were the first to use disc brakes with 1,400 holes, a number considered preposterous just a few years earlier, when only 100 holes (drilled for cooling purposes) were possible.

    The Ferrari story is one of continual reinvention. PMI is continuing on a similar journey, transforming for the better. Mission Winnow will continue to showcase the best elements of these transformative journeys, from inside Scuderia Ferrari and PMI.

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