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Committed to constant improvement

To transform not only our company but an entire industry for the 1.1 billion people who smoke and those around them.

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Investing in progress

Investing in progress

Learn about our fund set up to invest in companies and entrepreneurs that align with our vision.

PMI's postdoctoral candidates at The Cube

Our progress is powered by our people

Our Postdoctoral Program provides scientists with the opportunity to work on transformative and innovative projects

Philip Morris scientists

Assisting scientific transparency

Discover PMI’s work to improve scientific transparency.

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Innovation + Collaboration = Transformation

The way to a better future is through innovation, collaboration and transformation. We couldn’t do that without the creativity of our scientists, engineers and technicians.

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Breaking new scientific Ground

To break new ground in science is to first imagine and then create what was once considered impossible.

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Striving for progress

PMI is transforming, and the change is real.

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What is Mission Winnow all about?

Join us on the Mission Winnow journey