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Thinking Cloud Design
By Design
Solving Issues by Design
From the moment we’re born throughout our academic, professional, and personal existences, design influences every aspect of our lives. When it’s done well, can solve issues before they become problematic., and when it’s done poorly, the ramifications can be extreme. We’ll look at how design principles shape our world and the ways problems can be part of solutions.
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Pragmatic Approaches
Pragmatic Approaches

We all weigh risks when making decisions each day. The optimal outcome is progressing with our lives while minimizing risk. Pragmatic approaches to minimizing risk are significant in all walks of life, but are perhaps most integral to the fields of science and medicine. We’ll focus on these specific disciplines, the challenges  going forward and how to put risk management into action.

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Pmi Scientist Andrea Costantini
Pragmatic Approach
Discussions with Andrea Costantini
There are some behaviors that can be a burden on society.
CFD respiratory tract
Pragmatic Approach
Computational Fluid Dynamics at PMI
Discover how the use of computerized techniques and an in-depth understanding of CFD applications has transformed the way in which our experiments are designed.
paper planes defying conventional wisdom
Defying convention
Defying conventional wisdom
If someone showed you evidence that a belief you held was wrong, would you trust it—or look for ways to confirm your views? When is conventional wisdom not wise? With unfortunate regularity. Confirmation bias is more common than we might think. We’ll discuss its prevalence in an ever-more polarized world and consider ways to combat it.
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Venn diagram collaboration
Transparency & Collaboration

Collaboration takes us further forward, as individuals, teams and as a society. It can improve performance, but remains positive only when everyone is playing by the same rules and when it promotes checks and balances. 

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PMI's postdoctoral candidates at The Cube
Our progress is powered by our people
Our Postdoctoral Program provides scientists with the opportunity to work on transformative and innovative projects
Philip Morris scientists
Assisting scientific transparency
Discover PMI’s work to improve scientific transparency.