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Pragmatic Approaches

We all weigh risks when making decisions each day. The optimal outcome is progressing with our lives while minimizing risk. Pragmatic approaches to minimizing risk are significant in all walks of life, but are perhaps most integral to the fields of science and medicine. We’ll focus on these specific disciplines, the challenges going forward and how to put risk management into action.


Harm Reduction: Discussions with Andrea Costantini

Discussion with Andrea Costantini

Discover Andrea Costantini's take on harm reduction.

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Breaking new scientific Ground

To break new ground in science is to first imagine and then create what was once considered impossible.

CFD respiratory tract

Computational Fluid Dynamics at PMI

Discover how the use of computerized techniques and an in-depth understanding of CFD applications has transformed the way in which our experiments are designed.

Finding a Balance: Understanding Risk Management

Finding a Balance: Understanding Risk Management

Discover how innovation and positive changes can help reduce negative outcomes.