The Dominant Ones

The Dominant Ones

A show that explores the pursuit of excellence through being dominant hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins

Amir Arison on Dominant Ones

“It’s those setbacks that help you get to this point” – Amir Arison

Dominique and Amir Arison talk about acting, the importance of support from your family and overcoming setbacks.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Angel McCoughtry

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Angel McCoughtry

Difficulties of being a female athlete and achieving your dreams.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Bill Duke

“If a man does not seek humility, humility will seek him” – Bill Duke

Bill Duke shares with Dominique the struggles of being a black actor during a racist era.

Brandi Rhodes on Dominant Ones

“It’s about having the personality of not quitting” – Brandi Rhodes

Dominique and Brandi Rhodes talk about being a female wrestler and starting your own wrestling company.

Cody Rhodes on Dominant Ones

“Dominance, to me, means good content” – Cody Rhodes

Dominique and Cody Rhodes talk about wrestling and how a good work ethic is essential to reaching your dreams.

Daniel Platzman on Dominant Ones

“It’s all about taking your raw talent and refining it” – Daniel Platzman

Dominique and Daniel discuss how Daniel discovered his passion for music and the drums, his first experiences in a band.

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