The Dominant Ones

The Dominant Ones

A show that explores the pursuit of excellence through being dominant hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Bill Duke

“If a man does not seek humility, humility will seek him” – Bill Duke

Bill Duke shares with Dominique the struggles of being a black actor during a racist era.

Brandi Rhodes on Dominant Ones

“It’s about having the personality of not quitting” – Brandi Rhodes

Dominique and Brandi Rhodes talk about being a female wrestler and starting your own wrestling company.

Cody Rhodes on Dominant Ones

“Dominance, to me, means good content” – Cody Rhodes

Dominique and Cody Rhodes talk about wrestling and how a good work ethic is essential to reaching your dreams.

Daniel Platzman on Dominant Ones

“It’s all about taking your raw talent and refining it” – Daniel Platzman

Dominique and Daniel discuss how Daniel discovered his passion for music and the drums, his first experiences in a band.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Diamond Dallas Page

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Diamond Dallas Page

How changing your lifestyle affects your focus and performance

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Eric Bledsoe

“I knew I was going to put in the work to try and get to where I need to be” – Eric Bledsoe

Eric shares what it takes to stay at the top

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