The Dominant Ones

The Dominant Ones

A show that explores the pursuit of excellence through being dominant hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins

Jesse Itzler on Dominant Ones

“I look at things in moments, not years” – Jesse Itzler

Dominique and Jesse talk about breaking into the hip hop industry, and the challenges of being an entrepreneur

Daniel Platzman on Dominant Ones

“It’s about creating something bigger than us” – Kelly Aucoin

Dominique and Kelly talk about acting and bringing a character to life.

Kristen Ledlow on Dominant Ones

“Enjoy the journey, enjoy the moment” – Kristen Ledlow

The Dominant Ones, a new web-series Dominique Wilkins interviews NBA TV host, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Kristen Ledlow.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Lecrae Moore

“Dominance is when you are competing against yourself” – Lecrae Moore

Lecrae discusses what it’s like to be a Christian rapper.

Dominique Wilkins Interviews Pastor Kim

“You Gotta' Love Yourself!” – Pastor Kim

Real Talk Kim shares her inspiring life story in this episode of the Dominant Ones.

Ronnie Jordan on Dominant Ones

“The butterflies get you ready” – Ronnie Jordan

The Dominant Ones, a new web-series. Dominique Wilkins interviews Ronnie Jordan, comedian, writer and producer.

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