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What is Mission Winnow?

Mission Winnow is an unconventional communications platform to share our journey and create a stage for constructive dialogue

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Mission Winnow is a communications platform that stands for progress, transparency, facts over preconceptions, and the relentless search for improvement. 

Mission Winnow shares with the world who we are today, our transformative journey, and our values. We are a company of over 70,000 people that has learned from the past and is fully committed to evolving our business and radically transforming our industry through scientific and technological innovation. 

We are proud of our company’s journey, yet we understand the skepticism, and we welcome all sides to the conversation. And while it takes time to create bonds and build trust, Mission Winnow is a chance to start a conversation and create an opportunity to listen and be heard. 

Our Mission Winnow story is not about brands or products, and it never will be. It’s an unconventional story, with an unconventional name, promoting unconventional ways of thinking to drive transformative change. 

We are partnering with others who have a passion for revolutionary change and creating a stage for constructive dialogue. Though we each face different challenges, we share values and a forward-thinking approach.

Mission Winnow celebrates those who challenge the status quo, who take no shortcuts and learn from others who are doing the same to find better ways forward. The mission continues, through our people, our community, our partnerships, and our open forums. We remain committed, resilient, and optimistic. 

Join us on the Mission Winnow journey.

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