In Formula 1 there is no improvement too small

90 years of progress and counting

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow celebrates nine decades of being the most decorated and innovative team in Formula 1 history.

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In Formula 1 there is no improvement too small
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Ninety years of racing. Ninety years of Scuderia Ferrari. Ninety years of the most legendary team in motorsport, with cars driven by some of the most celebrated names in history.

From the Alfa Romeos of the 1930s to the 125 S, the first Ferrari race car, to the SF90, the history of Scuderia Ferrari is a collage of some of the most innovative racing machinery ever conceived. The 246 F1 was the first V6 Ferrari, and the first V6-powered car to win a Grand Prix. The 158 F1 was the first Ferrari to run with a monocoque chassis. The 312, believed by some to be the most beautiful F1 car ever, was a platform that the evolution of performance was built upon.

That evolution has created the SF90, the car that Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are driving for Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow in 2019.

How does your favorite F1 Ferrari car stack up?

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