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Mission Winnow Ferrari Driving Experience

Have a look how our 12 lucky guests enjoyed Maranello visit.

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Mission Winnow Crash Helmet
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Our 12 lucky guests arrive in Maranello on a cool, spring evening. Everyone is really excited to be here, in the home of Scuderia Ferrari, and to become a Ferrari pilot for a day.

But first things first! In order to drive a Ferrari on track, you need to be dressed for the occasion. Our guests got their measurements taken for their helmets and driving shoes and were given the official sweater and coat for the event.

No visit to Maranello is complete without a meal at the iconic Montana restaurant; a favorite among the Ferrari employees throughout the years. Serving traditional Emilian cuisine, this restaurant is any foodie’s dream. After such an exquisite meal, no one wanted to leave without thanking the Chef, “Mamma Rossella”, in person!

Finally, our guests returned to the hotel to get some rest as tomorrow would be a busy day in Fiorano where they will be able to drive a Ferrari 488 GT in the iconic Ferrari testing track of Fiorano.

The sun is shining, but the air is still chilly as our guests make their way to the Fiorano track. A quick tour is given to show the history and significance of this place; Enzo Ferrari’s house, the pits and the track.

Before they can jump in the car, however, our guests were given a brief racing theory class going over some of the basics like proper racing etiquette to more advanced concepts to specifics about the track. By the end of that class, it seemed like everyone knew every turn of the track by heart – and that’s before they even stepped foot in the car!

Their first taste of racing in Fiorano started off with a few guided laps with their instructors. The instructors, all current professional drivers, showed them how to drive on the track, taught them what to use as reference points for breaking and accelerating and where the apex of each turn was.

Finally, it was their turn to take control of the car and put all that knowledge to use!

The theory and guided laps made it such that the Ferrari Driving Experience guests hit the ground running. Already familiar with the track and the power of the car, it didn’t take long for them to get a feel for the car and aggressively tackle the tight corners of the track.

After a short lunch break, the next part of the day would be focused on safe driving in wet conditions.

The sprinklers soaked a separate part of the track and our instructors showed off just how differently a Ferrari handles in the wet – especially when all the assists were turned off! This meant that the cars would struggle a lot more to grip to track and our guests learned how to handle drifts and even doughnuts.

Lastly, our guests gave the full track one more go using everything they learned, feeling more confident than ever. Since this would be the last ride of the experience, they were really giving it their all!

The day ended with a short prize-giving ceremony were every attendee received a diploma certifying that they had completed the course. It was a long day of non-stop driving, which left our guests tired but with a big grin on their faces all which lasted the whole trip home.

Have a look how our 12 lucky guests enjoyed Maranello visit.

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