Ducati rider putting on gloves

MotoGP X2 Experience

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Ducati rider putting on gloves
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In Jerez, the track is silent.

This is because 3 lucky winners of our Mission Winnow X2 Sweepstakes are getting ready for an experience they will never forget. In just a few minutes, they will be on the back of a Ducati Desmosedici GP going at over 200km/h on the main straight and scraping the tarmac with their knee guards on the tight turns.

Of course, they won’t be alone. Our two X2 riders, Randy Mamola and Franco Battaini will be controlling the bike whilst the passengers will be sitting right behind them on Mission Winnow’s custom-made, 2-seater MotoGP bike. They will have to lean into the corners with their riders, shift their body weight and mimic as much as possible the real movements of a MotoGP rider.

After a quick yet comprehensive riding theory session, and a few practice runs on a stationary bike, our winners had to pass one final test: a medical test. The test was performed by BioTekna, a biomedical technology company who is also in charge of taking care of the Ducati riders.

All three winner passed this final test with flying colors and finally got to put on their racing leathers, boots, gloves and helmet and head out onto the track.

The riders do a quick warmup lap and, when they reach the start line, one guest jumps on the back of the bike and gets in position. In just a few moments, the bikes roar, lift the front wheel for a bit and speed off into the distance.

In the back of the bike, you aren’t just a passenger, you are riding with your rider; leaning into the turns with your rider, shifting your body weight and position and feeling the air crashing against you as you pick up speed once more.

Even if one lap takes only a few minutes to complete, it feels much longer than that. A cocktail of emotions is brewing inside you as adrenaline, fear, excitement and focus mix together. This is what a MotoGP rider feels in every lap of a race.

As the bike approached the finish line, the riders stop with a front wheelie – one last burst of adrenaline before you jump off and catch your breath as you replay the experience in your mind. Most people that get off the bike need a few moments to put their experience into words – Randy and Franco pull no punches in the X2 Experience and ride just as hard they would if they were alone.

After a minute or two, they are able to describe their experience in a few words. Their most common words we hear: amazing, incredible, unbelievable.

The best part? It could be you next! Keep an eye out on our social media channels as we do frequent sweepstakes and competitions to win a ride and experience the X2 yourself!

3 lucky winners enjoyed the ultimate MotoGP Experience on the back of a Ducati Desmosedici with Mission Winnow.

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