What we do: Create compelling content shaped by difficult questions.

Mission Winnow is a content lab focused on stories and content which ask difficult questions and contribute to the important conversations of our time.

At the heart of Mission Winnow is a core belief that open and constructive discussions are the key to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. Mission Winnow exists to spark debate and thought-provoking discussion through compelling, challenging and inspiring content. 

We work with independent writers, storytellers, directors, production companies, artists, and commentators all connected by the passion and desire to explore topics and issues which are important to society, often looking at them with a fresh perspective. Mission Winnow sets out to give these creators the opportunity to raise these important questions and share their unique perspective with the world, inspiring debate and discussion.

Mission Winnow was created in 2018 by Philip Morris International to reflect the radical shift in its business and in the world at large. Mission Winnow is striving to play a positive role in the changing world by supporting innovation through storytelling, partnerships and open dialogue.