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Ducati Corse

70 years of sophistication and resilience

A team, with unparalleled drive, working fast and creatively to develop new designs and technology for better motorbikes.

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Danilo Petrucci: he never gave up on his Ducati riding dream

Danilo Petrucci he never gave up on his Ducati

For Danilo Petrucci, becoming a Mission Winnow Ducati rider has been a life-long process. Now, he’s a MotoGP racer relying on the experience that got him here.

Passion, sophistication and style personify Ducati.

Ducati and their passion for the unique

How Ducati turns a passion for the unique into a winning formula with desmodromic valves

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How Ducati’s innovative winglets changed the game

Think outside the box

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How Ducati harnesses the power of its people

The perfect combination of man and machine

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How small improvements generated big gains for Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso

Small things can open a big door

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Introducing Mission Winnow Ducati

New era at full throttle