Frequently asked questions

  • Mission Winnow is a content lab currently focused on funding and producing content ranging from articles and podcasts to films and documentaries; all of which are tackling a difficult question. We work with independent writers, storytellers, directors, production companies, artists, and commentators all connected by the passion and desire to explore topics and issues which are important to society, often looking at them with a fresh perspective. Mission Winnow sets out to give these creators the opportunity to raise these important questions and share their unique perspective with the world, inspiring debate and discussion.

  • Mission Winnow was created in 2018 by Philip Morris International (PMI) to reflect the radical shift in its business and in the world at large. Mission Winnow is striving to play a positive role in the changing world by supporting innovation through storytelling, partnerships and open dialogue. PMI has no editorial voice nor control over any of the commissioned productions and no PMI products are promoted or advertised via Mission Winnow.

  • Mission Winnow is currently focused on podcasts, films, documentaries, and articles. What ties all the content Mission Winnow is involved in is that each piece tackles a thought-provoking question. The commissioned productions are editorially independent and may not necessarily reflect the views of PMI. For example: Why is it easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism? How do you build a life with a person when catastrophe seems so close at hand? Are humans becoming more aligned with machines than our own humanity? Does humor still have a place, or is the world just too serious right now? Why have we neglected our sense of hearing by favoring our sight?

  • Here at Mission Winnow, we strongly believe that open and constructive discussions are the key to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. And what better way to spark debate than a thought-provoking film or an eye-opening documentary?

  • Some of the productions can be found right here on our website, whilst others may be available on other distribution channels. The best way to find out where you can access the productions is by following us on social media or by visiting our website.