“Dominance, to me, means good content” – Cody Rhodes

“Dominance, to me, means good content” – Cody Rhodes

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Dominique and Cody Rhodes talk about wrestling and how a good work ethic is essential to reaching your dreams.


We are continuing our new web-series hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins. This episode features an interview with actor Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes, wrestler, entrepreneur, and AEW founder is our latest guest on our web-series “The Dominant Ones”. In our seventeenth episode, Dominique and Cody Rhodes talk about how Cody’s father’s wrestling career as Dusty Rhodes influenced his decision to follow in his footsteps, how Cody overcame his obstacles through his relentless work ethic and how he channeled that work ethic into his own wrestling company, AEW.

Cody describes how it took him a long time to find his footing as a wrestler; as a self-described “slow-learner”, Cody Rhodes had to practice and rehearse throughout many years in order to be fully prepared to reach his potential when performing in the ring. In fact, he considers his preparation his strongest asset right now – even if the sport relies somewhat on improvisation, you have to be prepared in advance in order to make the best show for the audience.

Tune in to this episode of the “Dominant Ones” and to learn more about Cody Rhodes and how he took everything he learned with his time in the WWE in order to create his own wrestling company in AEW with the dream of having it become a staple in wrestling entertainment.

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