There’s a difference between change and transformation. Change is inevitable, while transformation is not. Transformation requires adjusting beliefs and actions to achieve the desired outcome. At PMI, that means evolving in a direction that aims to bring the best for everyone. The world requires transformation to take place so we can get better as a society. This is what Mission Winnow wants to accomplish. As our CEO, André Calantzopoulos said, “This is why we are dedicated to rigorous science and innovation that can lead to a better future.”

Two of the most important elements in our transformation are innovation and collaboration. Without innovation, we wouldn’t have the world-class technologies and concepts that are driving us forward.

Without collaboration, those technologies and concepts would remain simply as ideas. We know the best way to transform is to combine a range of different programs that encourage both these aspects, ensuring our scientists, engineers and technicians can leverage their creativity and cooperation.


Innovation boot camp

PMI’s innovation boot camp is a one-day training dedicated to members of the PMI community from a wide range of backgrounds to help them crystallize their thinking and translate their ideas into innovative and transformative concepts. Most of the time the training takes place at The Cube, our R&D facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Throughout the innovation session a concept is explored and assessed in terms of cost efficiency and viability. Eventually, the best ideas and innovations are retained and refined and may be considered for IP protection. Jennifer Stuecker, Innovation Executive in R&D, believes that an innovative solution is often a combination of ideas emanating from different persons and at different times throughout the creation process. Jennifer says that the results so far have been promising.

– Jennifer Stuecker

What is particularly interesting is to see how engaged people are during boot camps and how different contributions can flesh out the original idea.

R&D Creative Lab

Our R&D facility at The Cube also houses our Creative Lab. This space is dedicated entirely to disruptive innovation, creativity and collaboration. It is designed to foster innovative thinking and has a wide range of materials including gadgets and books intended to fuel creativity. It’s a free, open space where members of the R&D community can work individually or together in an environment which stimulates ideation and which can serve as an incubator of innovative concepts.

Be the change

True transformation never finishes. It’s a constant strive to make things better. We’re doing this by winnowing, casting off old ways of doing things and developing new solutions. Innovation and collaboration are some of the best tools we’re using to drive our transformation, and they only work if everyone knows how to use them. In this way, we can move towards a better world, together.

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