There are many different ways in which we can open up a dialogue with the world while accelerating our evolution. Sometimes, the type of foresight and ingenuity required to enact significant change is best achieved by creating multifaceted investments.”

This is why PMI created PM Equity Partner. The fund was set up to invest in companies and entrepreneurs that have a strategic alignment with our vision.

'That basically means that whenever we see a technology that can help us with the vision for a smoke-free future or in other ways can help with the strategic transformation that PMI is undergoing then we consider this as an investment opportunity.’

We do this by becoming long-term investment partners, supporting these businesses not only with capital, but also with scientific substantiation, technical development and marketing excellence.


We only do minority investments in these businesses of at least 10%, ensuring that they can keep their autonomy, as this independence is what keeps them fast and innovative. This type of investment is key to staying agile in a constantly changing world.

It’s important, not just to PMI, but to the world, that innovation evolution and transformation happen on both small and large scale. PM Equity Partner is bringing people and businesses closer together, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for them to grow independently and organically.


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