“It’s about creating something bigger than us” – Kelly Aucoin

“It’s about creating something bigger than us” – Kelly Aucoin

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Dominique and Kelly talk about acting and bringing a character to life.


We are continuing our new web-series hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins. This episode features an interview with actor, activist, and Broadway star, Kelly Aucoin.

Kelly Aucoin, actor, activist, and Broadway star, is our latest guest in our web-series “The Dominant Ones”. In our thirteenth episode, Dominique and Kelly get together to talk about breaking into the acting world and how to find a character that you can bring to life through acting.

Kelly shares with Dominique how he originally struggled to find roles and paid work as an aspiring actor without connection, and how he was able to break that cycle and start landing more important roles.

Tune in to this episode to discover Kelly Aucoin story from his humble beginnings starting out with minor unpaid roles all the way to becoming the iconic “Dollar Bill” in the show “Billions”. Kelly also shares what he would do differently if he were to so it all over again and, of course, gives us his definition of what makes him dominant.

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