“Loyalty and respect solve everything” - Marcus Lemonis

“Loyalty and respect solve everything” - Marcus Lemonis

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Season two of “The Dominant Ones” is coming to an end with our tenth and final episode hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins. For this interview we welcome businessman and television personality Marcus Lemonis.


Sitting down with Dominique Wilkins and Kelly AuCoin, the Lebanese-born businessman, philanthropist and politician, explains how his challenging early childhood helped him find his purpose and create opportunities not only for himself, but also for others who might otherwise not get a chance. 

This, especially, has been the main reason for his involvement with small business. Connecting with the way they are always left behind and, in the shadows, he has spent time and money looking for ways to help them prove themselves against adversity and negativity.

Check out the latest episode of the “Dominant Ones” to learn more about why Marcus Lemonis thinks his understanding of human psychology is the secret weapon that has helped him dominate in his field and keep him competitive in order to win.

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