Behind Mission Winnow’s New Green Look

Behind Mission Winnow’s New Green Look



Constantly evolving and never backing down from the challenge of change, we are now celebrating a new stage in our continuous development by adding a new color to our logo.

Born out of our commitment towards constant innovation, change is part of Mission Winnow’s DNA. And this new green look represents just that.

Never boxed-in and always evolving, the green arrow represents possibility, constant evolution and willingness to embrace change. But, why green? In film, green screens are essential to bring our imagination to life, inspiring new horizons, and we hope this change will open up the same opportunities for us.

In fact, regardless of opinions about the color, it is already sparking debate and creating dialogue. This is giving us the opportunity to challenge preconceived notions and open people’s minds to the unconventional and the unexpected.

We are proud to continue our relationship with Scuderia Ferrari as Title Partner in 2021, and we look forward to sparking more conversations throughout the season.

Mission Winnow has always intended to challenge the status-quo, and with this change, we are delivering on our promise.

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