Stay Art Home – Positivity Breeds Creativity

Stay Art Home – Positivity Breeds Creativity

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Stay Art Home – Positivity Breeds Creativity

For our Stay Art Home series, we brought together a group of artists who turned the uncertainty of the ‘lockdown’ period into creativity—to channel the feelings, thoughts and moods that it has brought up into art. As we looked through their work, we found a few recurrent themes. One of these themes—perhaps a surprising one given the backdrop—is positivity. 

Isolation can be difficult, but there are ways in which it can be used to create something beautiful. The passage of time within the same walls can be experienced as constraining or liberating. One of our incredible artists, Eleonora, said “creating within the walls of the house was challenging and stimulating for both me and others.” Sometimes creativity can “make the walls come down”. One of Matteo Cardamone’s pieces mentions that, “the slowed-down perception of time could be useful these days.”

Persele, another one of the artists, said that “creativity is part of our DNA and I think that this is an amazing opportunity of resurrection. During this lockdown we saw how the creative ideas boosted some developments in several fields. After the lockdown our life will not be the same as before. I think that creativity could be our fuel to recreate our new life.” In the new normal, as it’s being called, creativity isn’t just going to inspire us with incredible art. It has the potential to catapult numerous industries forwards, not least of all those of scientific and medical research. We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of creative collaboration in many different fields. As Luca, a typography artist, depicts straightforwardly in one of his pieces, ‘Striving for Progress, Striving for Kindness.’  

As dark and difficult as the world might seem right now, there are reasons to be positive, about both the present and the future. Isolation and crisis are challenging, but positive things can spring from them, like flowers springing up from a once-barren patch of land. The things that we’re learning, about the world, medicine, science and ourselves, on a personal and global level, will not and cannot be forgotten. This is a part of history that will stick out as one of unimaginable and unforeseen difficulty, but it might also be a chance for humanity to grow and reinvent itself. As our artist Veronica said, “I trust not only the power of creativity, but I also trust humanity as a whole (or I’d like to think I do).”  

– – Gabriele Persico, Graphic Designer

Creativity is part of our DNA and I think that this is an amazing opportunity of resurrection.

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