Striving for progress

Striving for progress



PMI is transforming, and the change is real.

Our passion for improvement and our belief in progress means that we are always winnowing, leaving behind old ways and methods and embracing new ideas and ways of doing business while setting new benchmarks in technology and invention.

We are already working this way, but we want to do more.

The greatest driver of our change is our people. In particular, our scientists, who work at the cutting-edge of international research and development, and our sustainability experts, whose work is designed to benefit communities and the environment now and for generations to come. We also work with partners who share our passion for making a positive impact. is where we tell these stories of change, and they fall into five areas:


Our laboratories and institutes are filled with world-class scientists who are devising revolutionary approaches to public health issues. We welcome independent validation and assessment from the wider scientific community, and we share what we discover. Real scientific breakthroughs cannot exist without transparency, and we want as many people as possible to benefit from the progress we make.


We are focused on adopting new ways of working throughout our supply chain. Creating our own technology, and embracing that of others, means we are always rethinking how we work and how we can do things better.


We have the power and responsibility as a global organization to champion change so that we can improve the environment and people’s options and livelihoods. We want to be accountable for every forward step we take.


What we learn as we change can do more than solve single-issue problems. We should always look to apply our new knowledge and technologies throughout PMI and the world beyond. For example, new scientific solutions may be applied outside our field of excellence and positively impact medical and pharmaceutical industries.


PMI has a lot of hard work ahead, but we will demonstrate at all times our willingness to be judged on our results. What we achieve as an organization, both alone and with our partners, will be reflected in the accomplishments of the people who join our cause. We want to inspire, and we will always work to do just that.

The time to winnow is now and thanks to our people we’re on our way.

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