What does Scuderia Ferrari mean to you?

What does Scuderia Ferrari mean to you?

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The most successful F1 constructor of all-time


What does Scuderia Ferrari mean to you? Ask that questions to members of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team, the most successful F1 constructor of all-time, and you get rare insight into the hearts and minds of champions.

Four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel says the feeling he gets from wearing the famous Ferrari red is “difficult to explain if you’re not part of it. Once you are out on track, you have to focus on so many things, you are living the moment and you forget about anything else outside. And time, in that regard, stops, which is a nice feeling.”


Not every moment is as pensive, though. “When I hear the car,” says a pit crewman, recalling the moment before he must spring into action, “I probably stop breathing, then I start to breathe again when the pit stop is over.”


Above all, Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 crew feels proud and honoured to be continuing one of sport’s great challenges. For the Italians among them, that emotion runs even deeper. “It’s a part of Italian life,” explains one. Another says that, “the car is fantastic because it represents all the people working at Ferrari.” To them, it means everything. So what does Ferrari mean to you?

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