“Those moments where you are at rock-bottom really define you” – Simu Liu

“Those moments where you are at rock-bottom really define you” – Simu Liu

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The Dominant Ones, a new web-series Dominique Wilkins interviews actor Simu Liu.


We are continuing our new web-series hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins. This episode features an interview with actor Simu Liu.

Simu Liu, an Actor, is our latest guest on our web-series “The Dominant Ones”. In our nineteenth episode, Dominique and Simu Liu talk about how Simu manages to go from a simple accountant all the way to becoming the next Marvel superhero on the big screen.

Simu tells us how he hit rock bottom after being fired from his accounting job and for the first time he felt like he could take his life any direction he pleased. Simu started looking online for acting jobs as an extra as he was always fascinated by movies and being an extra was always an experience he wanted to try. One experience was enough for Simu Liu to realize that working in the film industry is what he wanted to do, and he quickly tried to audition for slightly bigger roles each time. 

Tune in to this episode of the “Dominant Ones” and to discover Simu Liu’s incredible journey from accountant to super-hero, from a humble extra to movie star. 

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