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Mission Winnow: a change lab for progress

Mission Winnow is a change lab focused on reframing conversations, sparking open debate, connecting people and supporting the realization of innovative ideas.

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Mission Winnow is a change lab focused on reframing global conversations, sparking open debate, connecting people and supporting the realization of innovative ideas.

As a change lab, Mission Winnow provides an environment for ambitions and progressive ideas that promote positive change to be shaped and developed. It’s the role of a change lab to uncover and recognize these innovative ideas and create discourse around them, to find common ground, find the flaws through open debate and come together to find the best way to move forward. This vision permeates all of our work in driving progress.

What is a change lab?

In a world of perpetual change, it’s easy to assume change ‘just happens’ but this is very rarely the case – there is likely to be a problem that needs solving, a process to improve or even a societal system to reimagine. It’s the events before change happens that will dictate whether the change that is later implemented is experienced as positive, innovative, inclusive or even destructive.

So, shouldn’t we make sure that the change that’s being suggested is positive? We’d hope that the answer to this is yes, although it’s not as binary as that. Which is why we believe that there is a greater need to assemble diverse minds and opinions to converse, debate and imagine what could be and what shouldn’t be, so we can understand the differing impact ideas can have and to recognize that these ideas may be positive for some but not all, and then to establish an approach that is positively ubiquitous.

This is a change lab.

For a change lab to work there must be no hidden agenda.

Mission Winnow stands for progress, transparency, innovation, facts over preconceptions, and the relentless search for improvement.

We focus on:

Dialogue – create a forum for open and honest discussion to enhance and sustain important conversations that will spark innovative ideas.

Partnerships – Strive to develop collaborative programs and relationships with others who have a passion for revolutionary change to build foundations and opportunities in society-enhancing fields.

Community – Build networks, by promoting diversity of thought and talent across fields.

Why do we need Mission Winnow?

PMI is a company of over 70,000 people that has learned from the past and is fully committed to evolving our business and radically transforming our industry through scientific and technological innovation. Mission Winnow represents who we are today with the world, our transformative journey, new radical thinking and our values.

PMI is evolving – but this evolution is not something we will tackle alone, as we explore new areas, reimagine our purpose and build networks that support new stages of our wider business we will engage in open debate and discourse to power positive progression.

We are proud of our company’s evolutionary journey so far, yet we understand the skepticism, and we welcome all sides to the conversation. And, while it takes time to create bonds and earn trust, Mission Winnow is a chance to start a conversation and create an opportunity to listen and be heard.

Our Mission Winnow story is not about brands or products, and it never will be. It’s an unconventional space, with an unconventional name, promoting unconventional ways of thinking to drive transformative change.

Making change

Through our communities and partnerships, we will bring to the forefront ideas and discussions that can influence the world of tomorrow.

We believe that thoughtful and respectful debates are key when it comes to bringing disruptive changes to life. This is why it’s important to us that Mission Winnow is an open and unbiased platform; a place where difficult topics can be openly discussed and seen through different points of view. Mission Winnow is above all else inclusive, we welcome everyone who is passionate and willing to share their opinion through open debate and contribute to the greater discussion while dismantling the echo chambers that have such influence on the modern world.

The proof is in change

Companies spend a lot of energy creating content that conveys their message. Mission Winnow, on the other hand, wants to participate genuinely in the global exchange of innovative ideas. We want to invest in conversations rather than pushing OUR narrative and participate when we have a relevant perspective on the matter.

Too often, debates boil down to “you are either on one side, or the other”. We challenge that notion and show that these debates don’t have a clear black and white answer and that the best way to move forward is to listen to all the voices and take into considerations every view point, even if it doesn’t match our original approach, if we constantly and consistently embrace this way of thinking then results take precedence over pre-conceived notions. Change becomes empowering and transformative. This is Mission Winnow. A change lab for progress.


Feeling inspired? Get in touch and start a conversation with us.

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