The Mosquito on Dominant Ones

“Everything is a learning lesson” – Deandre “The Mosquito” Bray

The Dominant Ones, a new web-series Dominique Wilkins interviews athlete Deandre "The Mosquito" Bray.

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The Mosquito on Dominant Ones
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We are continuing our new web-series hosted by NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins. This episode features an interview with athlete, influencer, and entrepreneur Deandre "The Mosquito" Bray.

Deandre Bray, athlete, influencer, and entrepreneur, is our latest guest on our web-series “The Dominant Ones”. In our twentieth episode, Dominique and Deandre “The Mosquito” Bray talk about how Deandre succeeded in basketball and the sports world despite his small stature.

Deandre recalls how his abilities in sports, especially basketball, were overlooked due to his small size by those in charge. Dominque discusses with Bray how athletes who lack obvious physical advantages often have to work much harder than their bigger counterparts in order to get noticed and in order to have the opportunity to prove their skills.


Tune in to this episode of the “Dominant Ones” and to learn how Deandre Bray challenged the preconceptions and managed to rise above, figuratively and literally, even the tallest basketball players in order to make his name known in the sporting world.

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The next episode of the Dominant Ones will be available soon!

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