“To be dominant you have to be consistent” - Dwayne Wade

For the debut episode of season two Dwayne Wade joins Dominique and Kelly AuCoin to sit down and chat about his journey to the NBA.

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“The Dominant Ones” is back for season two! In these new episodes of the web-series NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins welcomes a new set of interviewees to explore what makes them dominant and what keeps them dominant. The first episode features an interview with NBA player Dwayne Wade.

Dwayne Wade is an NBA legend, proud father and businessman. For the debut episode of season two he joins Dominique and Kelly AuCoin to sit down and chat about his journey, his love for the game and how his understanding that he was playing for something bigger than himself had an impact on the kind of future he envisioned. 


In fact, envisioning has been a key factor in his life. From playing in his backyard to playing in the court for The Miami Heat, it was his vision of what he wanted to accomplish, of who he wanted to become, that helped him stay at the top of his game, maintain a clear head and find his path to dominance in this new stage of his life.

Don’t miss this episode of the “Dominant Ones” and discover how Dwayne Wade took none of the opportunities he was given for granted and channeled his strong work ethic and consistency throughout his whole life.

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